Core Principles

The Synapse System, at its core, is based on five Principles formed over the collective 75 years of experience of the Synapse founders:

Principle I:    Addiction is a brain disease.  Effective treatments address brain function.

Principle II:    Substance use disorders co-occur with other mental health disorders. Co-occurring disorders need to be assessed and treated with evidence-informed therapies.

Principle III:    Substance use disorders impact the entire family. Address the family system so all members can recover.

Principle IV:   The treatment of substance use disorders requires a holistic, multi-component, research-based, individualized approach with a strong educational component that addresses the brain, co-occurring disorders, and the family system.

Principle V:    Treating substance misuse can prevent the onset of a chronic, progressive disease process leading to chronic underachievement at the very best and, at worst, death.