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Admissions Process

The admissions process for Synapse consists of a brief consultation to determine if the individual is appropriate for The Synapse System program, and if the needs of the patient can be met within our ASAM Level II.1 program.  Once answers to a few exclusionary criteria have been determined, and if appropriate for the IOP at Synapse, the patient is then directed to the Patient Portal for completing a number of forms within Synapse’s secure, cloud based, EHR provider, Therasoft, which is located on our secure website (  In addition to preliminary biographical data and biopsychosocial history collection, the adolescent or adult will obtain a physical clearance from their primary care physician (PCP) which should include a multi-panel drug screen covering 10 or more panels. This completes the preliminary intake process and the patient is “conditionally accepted” into treatment pending an intense assessment period.

Financial payment, consent for treatment and other admission paperwork is completed at this stage of the admission process.  After the adolescent or adult is conditionally accepted into The Synapse System program, the patient will now undergo a three to five days long assessment process.  This assessment process consists of a clinical interview by the patient’s psychologist and case manager, computerized neurocognitive testing, personality and mood disorder testing, and, lastly, a psychiatric assessment.  These results will be analyzed in combination to formulate a diagnosis/diagnoses that is/are the basis for the comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

At the end of the intake and evaluation process, the patient is fully admitted into The Synapse System program with individualized goals directing their treatment.



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Good Credit Requirements:

  • minimum FICO Score of 680, low income to debt ratio

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Less than Perfect Credit Requirements:

  • minimum FICO Score of 560

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Patient Portal

The Patient Portal at Therasoft contains a vast amount of important information and becomes a communication tool between the patient and the Synapse Team, as well as, between members of the Synapse Team.  The initial forms for admission are located on the Patient Portal and may be completed by using special login information provided to you by your Synapse psychologist.  Please protect this private and personal information by keeping it safe and in a secure place.


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