Margaret Schwenke


Holistic Health Coach

Margaret Schwenke is a Certified Eating Psychology Counselor and Certified Holistic Health Coach with education in Culinary Arts, Mind Body Nutrition, Dynamic Eating Psychology and the Science of Willpower.  Her work with clients helps them to connect purpose and mindset to food and lifestyle choices.  Margaret's passion lies in helping her clients restore a positive relationship with food and body and discover all of the sources of nourishment that create fulfillment in their lives.


Margaret is a consultant to Synapse LLC and provides nutrition classes to Synapse patients and is available for one-on-one consultations during their IOP or afterwards as part of their aftercare plan. Her focus with Synapse patients is to provide information about sources of nourishment that will assist their brains to be fit and health.  She understands the relationship between mind body nutrition and brings this understanding to the group to encourage proper diet and nutrition as it relates to recovery from substance use disorders. For more information about Margaret Schwenke, visit her website at