Psychoeducational Modules

Psychoeducation is an evidence-based practice that is an integration of psychotherapeutic and educational interventions to create a holistic synergy that stresses health, collaboration, and adaptive coping that is empowering to the individual.  Below are two psycho-educational modalities adopted by The Synapse System that not only educate but also provide the critical thinking skills essential to success in life.


BrainWise:  In order to successfully transition from childhood to adulthood, an adolescent must develop the skills necessary for analyzing and responding to ever more complex situations, as well as, develop the skills to recognize, understand, and appropriately manage one’s emotions. The BrainWise Program helps patients develop the critical thinking skills and the social problem-solving skills that they need to make good decisions and to manage their risk of relapse. Learning how to control impulsive behaviors, accurately identify choices, analyze the consequences of actions, and make responsible decisions are all taught in this evidence-based program.


Brain25:  Based on the belief that knowledge is power, The Synapse System emphasizes the importance of being educated about brain functioning and brain health, and being critically aware of the effects of alcohol and drugs on the brain.  Brain25 provides a powerful and prescriptive program that will allow for adolescents and adults to avoid the common dangers and pitfalls that can jeopardize their future while training the brain for a lifetime of success. Through the development of “brain envy” patients will learn how critical it is to understand, protect, and honor the brain. They will learn about how we hurt the brain, as well as, develop strategies to enhance and optimize its function. Brain25 shows exactly what happens to your brain when you hurt it or when you care for it.